Q&A For Bound: Out Of The Shadows

The opening of Bound: Out Of The Shadows is THIS SATURDAY! I am running around crazily getting things together but wanted to take some time and answer some questions that have been sent to me.

Q: Is the show free?
A: It is!

Q: Is this pornogrpahy?
A: By most standards it is not. If you are offended by the human body then you may think it is. There are no sexual activities depicted or implied in the show.

Q: How much did you pay these people to model?
A: No one was paid for this. Every subject in Bound: Out Of The Shadows was there because they loved the art and wanted to be a part of it. Anyone who volunteered was welcome to be a subject.

Q: Will there be naked people at the opening?
A: In the art, yes. Will actual people be naked: no. Not sure which way this question was meant.

Q: How can I be in the show?
A: It is officially too late for this show. If you would like to be involved in a future project you can message me.

Q: How much are your photos?
A: The work is not for sale at this time. Duluth isn’t the last stop for this show… A book is in the works though. More info on that later.

Q: Will the show be open any other time?
A: The opening party is Saturday the 12th and the gallery will also be open Sunday the 13th, same time. The gallery will be open on specific days the rest of the month to be announced later. If you can’t make it this weekend, message me and I will keep you posted on when the gallery is open OR follow me on Facebook.

That about sums up the questions that I have had so far. Have a question that I didn’t answer? Email me at justin.sinks@gmail.com and I will get back to you ASAP.
See you in 5 days!

Bound: Out Of The Shadows

Bound: Out of the Shadows

Bound: Out of the Shadows has an official gallery opening date in Duluth, MN of July 12th, 5-”9″pm at the Duluth Photography Institute.
It has been two years since I did a new gallery show, and things have changed quite a bit in the Bound series. You may notice the once hard lit, deep shadows, and all around black look is gone, replaced with a new brighter high-key series. Why? Why would I change something so drastically? More on that in a future post. But first, let us start with:

What IS Bound?!
Bound is a long running project of mine to capture the beauty of Shibari, a new age take on an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. In the art form of Shibari, rope is “painted” on the subject creating hard lines, shapes, and patterns that can either follow and flow with or contrast the subjects natural body form.
The project started 5 years ago when I happened across a photo of a friend on Facebook. I was immediately pulled into the simple lines holding tight against her body. After a few messages back and forth I met with the person who had done the rope work, or rigger in bondage terms. She introduced me to resources and other local people who had studied the art and through them I began to learn how to combine simple rope and knots into beautiful shapes. Then I started photographing it.

What to expect from Bound: Out of the Shadows
The show will consist of 30 photographs showing different styles of Shibari, including suspension. There is nudity, so be prepared for the naked breast and butts of the male and female subjects. There will be refreshments and snacks. The event is free for everyone and anyone can attend. There will be rope on hand if you would like to try your hand at rigging on a willing partner. Don’t know where to start? I will be there to give instruction. Not sure if this is your thing? Think this is horrible and demeaning to women? Come anyway, take a look at the art, ask me questions and have a discussion about it.

What NOT to expect from Bound: Out of the Shadows
Photographs of puppies and rainbows
People trying to tie you up without your permission (see above, WILLING is the key word)
Wild packs of dogs
Closed minds
Trampled by Turtles (sorry, seems they double booked and had to cancel)
People not having fun

Any questions feel free to hit me up on my Facebook page or email me at justin.sinks@gmail.com.

Bound Video and Kickstarter Campaign

For those that are asking what to expect this year at the Bound gallery show at the DPI I created a short video for my Kickstarter page that shows little sneak peeks of the upcoming show. FYI, the video is not safe for work, a tad bit of nudity is in there.

Also if you want a signed poster or three from the show, check out the Kickstarter page. By backing my project, you help me put on a great gallery show and you can get posters! Check it out and help out if you can :)
here is the Kickstarter page
Thanks for your help and hope you enjoy the show!

Bound Posters!

Hello everyone! I have made the posters for the next Bound show public. This year there are two posters featuring two photos from the show. There will be smaller versions put up around the Duluth/Superior area. Like one of them? Like both of them? What if I told you you could get one or both while also helping support the gallery costs? Stay tuned and I will tell you how :). Enjoy the posters, please share with friends.

Bound Poster 2

Bound Poster 1

Welcome Back and a Little Video!

Hello everyone! So after a few months down the new blog is up and running. There may be some minor things that need to be ironed out so if you find any issues please contact me.

While the blog was being rebuilt, I was a very very busy boy. Big things in the works. Big things. BIG things! Things that I am not yet able to go into detail about, but soon.

Recently I took part in the 2012 Homegrown Music Video Festival. I haven’t made a music video since I was in middle school (thanks Mario Paint for hours of entertainment…) so it was a fun, creative, and challenging project. Here it is! Feel free comment and share!

Bound Gallery is posted!

It has been almost a month since the gallery showing of Bound was over. If you missed it, the photos that were up at the show are now here on the website. I also have added a few new photos too. Don’t think that this gallery is complete, I am still doing new shoots on a regular basis.